Inner-City Youth

What is the Value of One Child?

Many children today live desperate lives of struggle in a world of hopelessness and poverty.  They have little to look forward to and often turn to street gangs or drug addiction to find camaraderie and dull the pain of their existence.  For these children hope for the future is a distant dream; a fairy tale that happens to others but never to them.  What is their chance of finding a door into a better life when everyone around them is just living another version of their own nightmare?

Yet these are jewels that can be plucked from the junkyard of life if someone cares enough to believe in them.  They have God given gifts that can be empowered through learning to play and perform music and discovering value in themselves they never knew was there.  They don’t want to waste their lives but they are surrounded by a constant threat to their childhood and see little opportunity to have a life that is any better than what every other kid int their neighborhood has.  Unless they find help to change their future many of them will become just another statistic on the nightly news.

By getting them off the street and giving them an opportunity to connect with other kids who want a better life, we can put an instrument in their hands and teach them how to to play music and learn to do something productive with their lives.

18th Century Scottish Philosopher Adam Smith once wrote: “The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.”                   

GTM Foundation is committed to bringing hope to these children whose aspirations will be crushed if someone doesn’t step in and help them find a future filled with hope, joy and the promise of a better life.  Children living in the projects and crowded inner city areas are vulnerable and endangered every day of their life.  Drugs dealers prey on the weak and innocent and crime and violence is a part of daily life all around them. They need someone who can help them find a better path; help them find something to bring joy and happiness to their harsh existence of constant hardship and struggle.  They are worth the effort and we are determined to help as many as we can through giving them the gift of a music education and hope for a better future.


So what is the Value of One Child?  Join us in the quest to find the answer in the lives of the children we help.  Donate today and give the joy that learning to play music can bring to the life of a child living in poverty.  Your gift can take them out of their bleak situation at least one day a week and provide them with a solid music education and life skills that will give them a reason to hope for a better future.