Childrens Homes

What Is the Sound of Loneliness?



For those of us who cherish our children and grandchildren it is hard to imagine living a life without them.  Yet children’s homes are filled with young people who know the pain of abandonment or loss of their parents and families.  It has been said that abandonment is a wound that never heals and a pain the abandoned child never forgets.

Most Children’s homes struggle for the funding to feed, clothe and educate these children.  They usually depend upon volunteers to provide occasional diversions that might give the children entertainment or special opportunities to laugh and enjoy themselves.  When that is over they often go back into a lonely world wondering if anyone really cares.  Mother Theresa believed that loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty of all.



At Growth Through Music Foundation we offer a structured program of music training for children in such situations.  We can introduce them to a world of creativity that would probably not be available to them otherwise. When a young person finds purpose in their life they can overcome the obstacles that hold them down and this can change their future forever.

These children deserve all the love we can give them.  Your donations can help us erase the pain of their loneliness and let them know that someone cares.  By investing in the lives of these young people we offer them a promise of hope based on their own inner talents and abilities.  They gain self worth that comes from taking charge of their own lives and developing a belief in themselves.  They learn how to rise above their unfortunate circumstances with the help of people who care for them and help them believe in their own potential..



By investing in these young lives,  many of whom have suffered great rejection and known the terrible pain of abandonment and abuse, we have an opportunity to give a gift that keeps on giving.  Learning to play and perform on a musical instrument can ignite character growth and self acceptance where once there was only rejection and loneliness.

Donate today and make a difference in a young child’s life by giving them the gift of music.  Their songs are worth singing, and their voices need to be heard.  Join us today by adding your support to the program and bring new hope to the heart of these precious children. Who knows what their future might hold when we reach out and touch these young lives with the joy of music.